The Buy Nothing Project

Buy Nothing Project groups divert materials from our landfills and oceans as hundreds of items are re-homed each day. Groups dedicated to giving away used items are in place around the world — find your local group today! The Buy Nothing Project

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The Sound of Violence

The recent outcry for justice in America’s streets has resounded up to the heavens. Pouring out of tears don’t satisfy the people’s hunger for dignity they deserve in their government and law enforcement agencies. Two opposing sides, “Us” and “Them” fighting for the same thing essentially “justice” and “liberty”. Thoughts running through my head asks […]

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Wearing Oprah Shoes

I stumbled upon this month’s O magazine. A very stunning and happy photo of Oprah and her three dogs enjoying tea time. I stand in the center of the nail salon thinking that ought to be me. Not with the three dogs but definitely enjoying and sipping my lemonade or tea. When I think of […]

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Gonna Love Me

Losing Nana put things in perspective for me. Whether I like it or not there were a few realities that I needed to face. The world has changed so that family comes second place to everyone and everything else. She was alone most days waiting for someone to pay her a visit. Someone to do […]

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2020 Spring Reading List

I find myself in pursuit of book ideas to take my mind off of all that’s going on. In this post, I am sharing the list of books I intend to read. Former ‘Teen Vogue’ Editor Shares Her Memoir — And Her Manifesto explores what it means to come into your own – on your […]

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Common Cold, Flu, or COVID 19???

During and after my trip to DC last week it was apparent that I was sick with something. My initial sneezes received eyebrow raises from colleagues at work. Between Sunday and Tuesday, I was reaching for all the cold and flu medication I could get my hands on. Once or twice, I considered going to […]

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If Beale Street Could Talk

Time to catch up and movie binge, award season is quickly approaching. I’m disappointed in myself that I waited so long to watch If Beale Street Could Talk. A romantic story that appears all too perfect in the beginning. What I love about this film is that the story was not rushed but instead told […]

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Work from anywhere

Once upon a time people worked in office buildings. Today we work remotely. I begin my remote journey back in 2014. Here are some thoughts and ideas for working from anywhere: At Home I created a designated workspace. In my workspace I have the basics, desk and a chair. I also have a daybed for […]

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