What’s the score…#?!

Electrons in space, racing through light making minor impressions on the day. – Hannah N’ Atlanta Everybody want to keep track these days, little attention is given to the overall purpose of life. Old wisdom says count carefully… but what truly matters? When I look back over my life, a lot of s#?! has happened. […]

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SXSW and 2019

Many have heard of SXSW, which uniquely stands for South X (x stands for by) South West an annual gathering and get together of film, interactive media, music festivals, and conferences that take place in mid-March in Austin, Texas. I don’t know and it may sound crazy, but I would be willing to attend if […]

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The Lion’s Tooth

What does the African Diaspora have in common with a Eurasian wildflower dandelion? It’s a play on words but also the signification of the beauty of something often misunderstood. New Orleans native Shantrelle P. Lewis, amazes audiences with her Dandy Lion exhibit at local historic museum Hammond House. Dandy Lion is a photographic art exhibit […]

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Becoming Michelle Obama

The world eagerly awaited the release of her book Becoming In the latter months of 2018. The book captures the opal essence of the phenomenal woman she is. Even after openly admitting smoking pot in her college years, it’s quite hard to judge her. A young fearless black girl from the south-side Chicago. She speaks […]

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy

The Two Fridas – Frida Kahlo 1939 (Museo De Arte Modern) The last time I recall being sincerely happy was when I was a child. If I was climbing a tree or enjoying a piece of Mary Jane from the candy store, I was truly phappy. There was no pressure of life. There was no […]

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Oh My, My Hair!

Ever since the day I had my fibroids removed my hair has not been right. Unbeknownst to me at the time healthy hormones are threatened during procedures such as myomectomy. I wish I knew this in advance of going under the knife. A few months post-procedure, chunks of hair went missing leaving thinning and baldness. […]

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Session #1

Today I discovered something about myself that has gone overlooked for decades but explains everything. I’m a romantic…I’m the lady that loves flowers and chocolates on a date. Growing up in a house full of brothers this is something I never wanted to admit or see myself as. This would have been seen as too […]

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Design Project #2

Many of you who know me are already aware that last year I started a boutique interior design business. Well I’m happy to announce that my second renovation project is underway. My first project experience was a commercial redesign. So far we’ve painted three rooms in the 1400 Square feet unit. In addition to painting […]

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Bye Bye CT

This week marks my last week on a 3 month long project in New Britain CT. The thing about going to a new place is that you don’t know what to expect from the people or the weather; will it or they be nice or shady. The place I ate most at was P.F. Chang’s […]

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