Why Atlanta Did Not Need Mary Norwood to Concede

Keisha Lance Bottoms (D) will be Atlanta’s next Mayor. A remarkable win against her critically acclaimed opponent Mary Norwood (L). Nearly three minutes after her well-deserved victory dance, candidate Mary Norwood came forward to contest the election results and albeit accuse the newly nominated Mayor-Elect of fraud and voter intimidation.

What should have been a peaceful surrender, turnt social-media brigade attack against the ever-so graceful Mrs. Bottoms.

Atlanta did not need Mary Norwood to concede. Even after election results were certified; “There’s [just] something about Mary.” Norwood continued to sit on her cushion, patiently waiting, until the time was just right to concede.

However, this wasn’t the first time Mary acted in this manner. When she went up against Mayor Kasim Reed in 2008, she childishly accused him of similar allegations.

Mary has always been slow to cure the situation. Acting-out on her unapologetic white-privilege, reserving her own stubborn- satisfaction, and proclaiming her undeniable sense of self-worth.

In her concessionary video released days later, she touted her desire to “…Unite the city of Atlanta.” Restating her achievements as Atlanta City Council member. In a convincing statement telling-tales of her what-if’s.

I don’t know about you but to me it sounded more like a punishment being handed down from a defeated Czar.

No Atlanta, we did not need a Mary Norwood concession. Hopefully this time Mary can begin licking her un-healing wounds and resolve to a more peaceful retirement.


Author: Hannah


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