The Ultimate 10 Week Wedding Planning Guide

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

Many of my readers may be aware but, I recently got engaged to my fiancé of one-year. For those reading this who gave the virtual side-eye, this is totally within the guidelines of recommended dating timelines and courtship. Funny thing is, we were so intentional about our #relationshipgoals from the very first time we spoke.

We agreed to date for at least up to one year prior to considering marriage.

(Drum-roll please)

I have an announcement to make, February 25th, 2018 will officially mark our 1-year anniversary.

Choosing to get married on the day of our first date and initial glance makes the upcoming wedding all the more special. We got engaged during #engagementseason2017 on December 22, 2017.

You may be wondering exactly how we are planning the most magnificent wedding in the short amount of time of under 10 weeks?

Week #1 Make use of available technology and mobile platforms: I’m using the Zola app to coordinate all of my wedding planning tasks. I was able to build my website, setup a gift registry, and track RSVP’s, all inside the app. Zola can cover most of the items on your to-do checklist. Go ahead and check off as many items as you possibly can after the initial installing of the app and setup. Take this time to plan for scheduled activities (engagement ceremony, bachelor and bachelorette parties, rehearsals, etc.) For a more customizable approach use options such as WordPress, Facebook Events, and scaleable gift registries.

Week #2 Book your ceremony and reception venue as soon as possible: This is one of the hardest parts of wedding planning ordeal. Look for wedding and reception bundled deals. One tip shared with me early on was to have the ceremony and reception at an upscale restaurant. This can help bring down cost with an already decorated environment and top-rated chef to boot. There’s obviously apps for this as well. The app that I went with is Wedding Spot. This is one of the best o have seen which allows for real-time budgeting quotes. With this app you can gain insight to the necessary space needed for your guest or a plain simple budget tool with no hidden cost.

Week #3 Purchase your engagement ring and wedding bands: To speed up your timeline, go with least expensive options. Typically weddings dates are pushed out due to the surmountable cost associated. Keeping cost on budget can help shorten planning deadlines.

Week #4 Get fitted and #SayYesToTheDress: Book an appointment with David’s Bridal or download the Rent the Runway app from the App Store. You and the groom should look for ways to cut cost here as well. Renting formal wear for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, is the most sensible solution. Folks rarely reuse these outfits, almost every black-tie or future event will have its own color scheme and dress requirements.

Week # 5 Fine-tune and tweak wedding details: Have you considered who you might want to DJ, Photograph, Cater, Decorate the venue, Design your cake and deserts? I decided to nix the DJ, Photographer, and Decorator. Create a playlist via Spotify, Tidal, or YouTube. Purchase a Go-Pro and have your guest send captured videos of your day using your unique custom hashtag. Ours was #MoletteBooker2018, if you have a more common name use a catch phrase or favorite saying. There’s also a company that can do this for you from around $199-800 WeddingMix. In terms of Catering simplify your menu options for 1-3 variations, capture this info in the RSVP.

Week # 6 plan your Bachelor & Bachelorette events: Book your spa packages and hotel executive suites. Nominate two members of your wedding party (one for the bride and one for the groom) to handle party itineraries. A credit card will be is necessary to make reservations. Scout Spencer’s store online or in person for party favors and gifts.

Week #7 Finalize RSVP’s and update the Wedding Party Section of your website: Have a close friend or relative reach out to Guest once more to confirm attendance and any special event accommodations.

In addition, provide bios on who’s who in your wedding party. This will help guest to quickly become familiar with the VIPs.

Week #8 Consider Reception and Ceremony Decorations, Order and taste wedding cake options: I’m going with IKEA and the dollar store for this. Why? Decoration essentials include votives, flowers (real and fake), table clothes and place card settings. Based on your wedding color palette be sure to include bride and groom signage, a custom photo-station, and colored lights. After your event send the saved floral arrangements to a hospital or retirement home of your choice. Order your bouquet with the florist.

Week #9 Finalize payments on outstanding invoices: It’s time to review the outstanding accounts payable. Protect your credit and don’t get caught up in the moment. Payoff as much short-term debt as possible. Return unused items when possible or sell on eBay (Furniture, decorations, etc.)

Week #10 Rehearse the wedding and enjoy the party (but get plenty of rest): The time has come for your wedding. Keep in mind, you should have been practicing your grand-entry walk this whole time. If you haven’t schedule and book a wedding rehearsal (should have been included in the venue bundle). Spend your fabulous remaining time with the gals and guys, receive group pedicures. Top Golf it, but essentially have fun and de-stress.

To take a peak at my wedding website, click the link here.


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