Courage & Purpose

The holidays are normally filled with exceeding joy, but for some it’s a time reminiscent of pain and destructive memories. I was caught off guard this week when hearing the news of love ones lost close to me. All unexpected, leaving a cold, chilling, feeling of emptiness.

I wasn’t too far away when news came of Eric Garners daughter left in coma state. Two people close to me lost mothers and grandmothers. Last year I buried my cousin Vetty and my Uncle Larry; this year was cousin Luther.

No matter how far we are part, news spreads fast through social media and online. We lost Chuck Berry a rock n’ roll legend this year, Tom Petty, and Carrie Fisher from Star Wars.

These folks left an indelible mark on our hearts and will be missed greatly. You may not be there quite yet, but I am. Time is of the essence and doesn’t wait. My advice, do what you can, live now.

Two concepts here: plan and purpose. Many have echoed the statement ” If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans,” Woody Allen.

Maybe life isn’t about making plans but instead living with a purpose. My grandmother Georgia always reminded me that if we keep praying, God will reveal our purpose to us.

What I find is that most people suffer at the hand of doubt and confusion. Indecisive about what road they should take and frightened by the fear of failure. Hear me. you will never know until you take that first step.

Failure can teach many lessons, it can even teach us how to get back up. It can teach us how to venture on with life’s many throws and fractures.

I realize how important courage has been to many of the folks that we consider to be legends. All of them have the trait of venturing beyond their own fear.

The thing about all of them is that they had the courage to overcome fear, even the fear of death.

The journey life takes on many directions, but never forget that everyone has a purpose to fulfill. We must be courageous and honorable at all times. Always remember, we are put here to serve, not to be served, and that is our true purpose.


Author: Hannah


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