A Pretty “Expensivest” Pink Trap House…

© Hannah N’ Atlanta Blog

You know folks here in Atlanta love their soul food but, there’s nothing quite like a tray of Expensivest $49,000 chicken wings.

Yes you heard that right, dirty-south rapper 2-Chainz and host of the new show Expensivest has put together a bevy of A-Lister experiences that only less than 10% of the population will ever have exposure to.

It’s the latest installment of reality TV and is an attempt to keep it %100, through a “shared experience”. A cross between the popular TV show MTV Cribs and Food Networks Anthony Bourdain.

But how can you be mad, he’s (i.e. 2-Chainz) like the kid who once dreamed of becoming a millionaire and actually made it.

The show features $1000 golden donuts and $150,000 cigars (His Majesty Cigar) highlighting to the fullest, the varying degree between rich and poor in America.

© Hannah N’ Atlanta Blog

In Summer 2017, thousands flocked to the staged #PinkTrapHouse in Atlanta. A marketing ploy conceived by yours truly “2 Chainzzzzz” which upset many in the community.

The show is similar to other reality shows in that it will likely leave viewers gushing over celebrity lifestyle. It’s not like other reality TV shows in that he’s riding solo.

Apparently, Atlanta rapper 2-Chainz is living larger than life and is more than capable of pulling off anything he can dream.


Author: Hannah


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