Do it for the people who want to see you fail

All too often, it’s been brought too my attention that someone close to me, someone I admire, is being messy. Yesss!

But listen, I get it, everybody don’t want to always want see me in my happy state. They would much rather see me wallow in my own misery.

I will admit though, initially there can be a little annoyance or irritation. Being a black woman named Hannah has got me flack over the years.

Sometimes I hate that it’s me? The one who gets picked on. However, when I consider it, I thank God it’s me. I’m strong, I can handle it.

I don’t believe for one second that I would get so much attention if I were to try to fit-in, be ordinary.

I hear on the news that there are children these days that commit suicide for being picked on in schools. My only hope for them is that they have a chance to grow up and someday be strong like me.

I try to remember that, every obstacle in life makes me stronger. I am brave, I have had to face many fears that others would have been overtaken by.

The thing that sustains me is my faith, love, and belief in God.

As Tupac said, “…everything will work out if you hold on” I believe that and so far, no weapon formed against me has prospered. When stones are thrown my spirit creature repels the evil within those stones.

It’s almost like I am a fungus, I grow on people. Ha’ that reminds me of the Henrietta Lacks movie. Her cells never stopped growing and she was able to save and help a lot of people even after her death.

Lesson: Some people flat out hate you for what you have not done. They would much rather see you get ran over by bus or a train on the choo choo tracks.


Author: Hannah


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