What’s your favorite way to give in?

I’ve seen it so many times, couples arguing for no reason at all. Heck, I have even done it myself a dozen times or two.

This past weekend, my honeybun and I found ourselves in the midst of an argument over teachers supplies and a pencil case. (Seriously)

It wasn’t funny in the beginning, not at all. There I was digging through a bag of receipts to prove the date and time when I purchased the items.Watching the expressions on his face go from shocked to “you got to be kidding me women” made me realize something important, Who ever really wins an argument?

It’s like I was looking at myself in the mirror for an exaggerated minute. That’s when I decided to give in, by making a joke, “Aren’t we just the two biggest nerds that ever walked the earth” and we burst out laughing together at each other.

If we are going to spend the rest of our lives together we better to start learning how to not take ourselves so seriously.

Thinking about it, there’s nothing he could ever do to get me crazy upset. Giving in doesn’t always mean you failed. It can be the only way to win.


Author: Hannah


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