If you must…Walk it out

Shortly after the Christmas holiday, while at a family outing, I was notified that my car was totaled.

My daughter was involved in a wreck. She survived but the car didn’t. How grateful I am that it didn’t end up worst.

The news of my car being totaled brought on mixed emotions. I hadn’t been driving the car for months since I beginning a new job. I am happy that the lord took the burden of a car note off of me.

I feel ambivalent about the entire situation though. I recognize that I no longer owned stuff but the things in my life owned me.

It’s like I’m starting a new life in a way too, a new beginning. I just have to get over it. So now what? That’s all I keep asking myself. Dave Ramsey offers sound advice and while I feel good there with his advice and everything, I still keep wondering was this the best outcome? It is, although I’m a bit bitter about it. Thankfully I had GAP insurance.

Instead of paying the fees associated with the car (auto loan, insurance, and repairs) I wonder whats next for me. One idea is to pay down debt.

This would actually be the best option. And to really tell the truth, their isn’t a better option.

So there it is, I will use the money to pay down debt and start a life fund. What’s your thoughts and opinions? What would you do if you were me?


Author: Hannah


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