Vegetarian on a dime…

Thankfully, my soon to be sister-in-law has awakened my inner chef and even though I’m only two dinners and one breakfast in, attitude is everything.

The best thing about cooking vegetarian is that it decreases my monthly meal budget and increases my savings.

What I’ve cooked so far…

My passion for Italian cuisine will never die, so for my first meal I made a Eggplant Parmesan, backed sweet potato fries, and sautéed spinach.

Although it wasn’t completely vegetarian, which depends on whose definition you use (in Asian cultures dairy still qualifies) three out four ain’t bad. All of these items were very affordable at Whole Food.

My second dish was a three mushroom tagliatelle. This one took a little research on my part. The key to this spectacular tasting dish was the rice noodle. The good thing about rice noodle is that it absorbs flavor. Rice milk was used to construct the sauce and scallions were used to add color. Again everything was very affordable total cost under $20 for a family of four with leftovers to boot.

I successfully blended a marvelous recipe for Southern pecan banana and maple French toast. I sided this dish with a vegetarian sausage.

My research for this dish shed light on the fact that technically most breads can fall into the category of vegetarian, provided it’s not made with dairy or eggs.

This was the more expensive meal out of the three. The pecans and non-GMO organic maple syrup were between $7-9 each.

All in all my vegetarian experience has been great. The meals were all very affordable So far I haven’t missed meat and I’m looking forward to exploring new recipes.


Author: Hannah


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