We’re open for business…Myboxatl is up and running. An online novelty and consignment shop.

What to expect in #MyboxAtl?

Any and everything, a mix of somethings old and somethings new. Here is my first list of items for round up:

Skateboard Decks

Atlanta is becoming more and more popular as a skateboarding scene. It’s home to many skateparks including some built by the Tony Hawk Foundation. It is also home to the Keenan Forever Foundation.

This Chocolate Skateboard – City Series – By Evan Hecox goes up for sale tonight. The deck was designed on behalf of American Skateboarding Legend and Atlanta native Keenan Milton.

Keenan got his start in skateboarding in Los Angeles and New York. Before his tragic death in 2001 Keenan traveled the world and was known for his dubious stunts and tricks (switch kickflip).

 Supreme By James JebbiaHis film credits include Yeah Right! Chocolate Tour, and Brothas From Different Mothas – Girl Mouse.

We have four of these boards remaining to sell and cost includes shipping.

Stationary & Notecards

After visiting one of my favorite consignment shops in Atlanta, I stumbled upon a really cool find, fashion statement notecards… Daily Dress.

These super fabulous notecards every Devil Wears Prada fan should carry in her back-pack. I could come up with so many great ideas. One is to frame and use them as Art Deco.

Another good use would be to send them to old friends you lost touch with to tell them about a special event you’ll be organizing. No matter what you decide just remember to have fun.

Graphic Tees

I designed my first graphic tee. Nothing to serious (or sketchy). This tee is for the ATL lover at heart I left my heart in ATL Graphic Women’s and Men’s Crew Shirt.


Last but not least, I have designed what I call ATLanta Party Plates. Where would we be without a great dinner plate to serve your favorite southern dishes (e.g. deviled eggs, biscuits and gravy, shrimp and grits).

I’m certain your friends will find all of these items unique.

For more information and details visit by clicking the link here. Check weekly for updates and new products or better yet subscribe.


Author: Hannah


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