#BLWOTRVL: Skincare

So if you know me you know that back in my early I worked at a day spa. What I love most about that experience is it taught me a great deal about self-care.

I witnessed black women in Harlem making time to take care of themselves. After 9/11 many sought refuge in day spas quiet calm place.

This weeks I want to give focus to self-care and maintaining yourself while traveling for work or for leisure.

One of the things I find the hardest to do when I’m traveling is to take good care of my skin. This year I had to resort to seeing a dermatologist and seeking care as an emergency outpatient for my dermatitis and eczema. That raised some red flags for me, What was going on? I was wondering. After that situation I decided to get more involved in taking better care of my skin.

I’ve decided to keep my travel bag stocked with a few daily essentials for all my trips. Again whether it be leisure or business, here are few things I can’t live without.

The first product is dove body wash I absolutely love this soap, it’s the mother of body washes in my book. It’s no. 1 because it really enriches the skin and you can feel the moisture hours later if not days.

The second product that I gotta have in my bag is the Nivea refreshingly soft moisturizing cream with jojoba oil and vitamin D. This my go to for replenishing my skins natural oil’s that I’ve managed to wash away or worked out. This helps me avoid cracked irritated skin and infection that maybe the result of traveling through harsher climates.

When battling the geographic elements my go to for my face is my Neutrogena morning burst facial scrub. This product helps to exfoliate dead skin. If I am correct, it has a hint of grapefruit and cucumber extract to refresh and rejuvenate. It also helps avoid the usual monthly cycle breakouts.

I finish my daily ritual with moisture for my lips. Chap Stick Duo is my fav and must have. If you haven’t tried it let me be the first to recommend. In the past I’d slap on my favorite color of lip pigment but that would lead to peeling.

Duo comes in 12 flavors, and let’s you mix and match, to achieve your own custom flavor blend for 8 hours of moisturization.

What’s in your travel bag? How do you keep up with your skincare?

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