#BLWOTRVL: Lookout Mountain, Flight School

I decided to take a road-trip for Easter weekend. I packed my camping bags and drove to no other place but Lookout Mountain located in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

I literally thought that this was someone stunting a scene from the movie Dumb and Dumber…

The playlist is a soulful competition between Tracy Chapman’s She’s got her ticket, Anita Bakers Rapture, and Sade’s Pearls. Another one of my favorites is Anita’s No One In the World is upstaged by Sade’s Feel No Pain, “Help them to strive, help them to move on… do you ever see a man breakdown” she sings.

Day 1 – Passing Time In Chattanooga

The winds were too turbulent to stick with the original plans of hang gliding for the day. Playing it safe I visit the Chattanooga Tennessee Aquarium for the first time.

I became the butterfly lady after I spent time helping some kids hold one on their finger

Sharks are beautiful creatures

Day 2 – My Big Day In Flight

Because I am new to this, I am instructed to watch the flight safety video for what they call a tandem flight. I get suited up and I am ready to go.

can’t remember what was going through my mind but whatever it was, I know it was hella cool or I’m really scratching my head…

I meet my flight instructor and he goes over a few extra safety training pointers and details.

Body weight is extremely important in the field of aerodynamics; they only ask me several times to a dozen how much I weigh. Perhaps, they’ve guessed that I’ve fibbed a bit on my training application by twenty pounds or more.

The ultra-light dragonfly pulls me along the ground until it finally ascends away from the takeoff area.

I’m in the air and the flight is being recorded (yup you can record and take photos in the air; major plus). Such an amazing way to spend the Easter Holiday, seeing an aerial view of Gods magnificent world.

I’m thinking to myself never, never, would I have lived to do something so bold and and daring. A confidence booster for sure. Speaking of which, a flight helmet isn’t quite the Easter bonnet I had in mind for the weekend.

Chattanooga Tennessee serves up one wicked weekend getaway or staycation.

On the way back I listened to some smooth Jazz by Ramsey Lewis off his album Sun Goddess. I’m scheduled again for another weekend escape with the ladies and bonfire.

Here’s the video of my experience:

Hannah Brooker’s Hang Gliding Tandem Lookout Mountain

Uploaded by Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding on 2018-04-09.

Special Thanks Lookout Mountain Hang Gliding!

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