Session #1

Today I discovered something about myself that has gone overlooked for decades but explains everything. I’m a romantic…I’m the lady that loves flowers and chocolates on a date.

Growing up in a house full of brothers this is something I never wanted to admit or see myself as.

This would have been seen as too girly and I had to be tough and strong in my early years.

I can no longer hide my romantic self. I like galas and ballroom dresses. I’m still waiting for my Prince Charming or knight in Shining Armor.

This describes so much about my personality, who I am, my likes, and dislikes. It’s even effected my dating habits.

Knowing who you are is central to finding a soulmate. My love languages are receiving gifts and quality time. I’m also ENFJ personality type to take it a step further.

Sometimes spending quiet time alone can reveal things about who you are deep down inside. To live a fuller life practice paying attention to your inner voice. It will bring to life endless possibilities.


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