Oh My, My Hair!

Ever since the day I had my fibroids removed my hair has not been right.

Unbeknownst to me at the time healthy hormones are threatened during procedures such as myomectomy. I wish I knew this in advance of going under the knife.

A few months post-procedure, chunks of hair went missing leaving thinning and baldness. All of this to say my body still hasn’t recovered and my hair follicle has suffered.

From short cuts to weaves, I have tried them all. This morning I went to the beauty supply not far from my place to buy a wig.

After leaving the store a thought flew across my mind. Black women struggle with their hair similar to racism.

We try to find normalcy with hair because we have been taught that our normal isn’t accepted in society.

After leaving the shop I was able to take a deep breath. Everything was normal I thought. Not to say that I can’t be normal with my own natural hair but is this the new normal?

It’s neither bad nor good it just is what it is. In many ways it’s relieving to know that I can change my hair and change my circumstances on a whim.

Black women are the chameleons of the modern world. Not so much to fit in but more so to remain the mystery and the magic.

We are not defined, trapped, or held hostage by social norms. We create our reality until the norms fit our needs. Hair is a symbolic representation for everything else in our life that needs protecting.

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