Becoming Michelle Obama

The world eagerly awaited the release of her book Becoming In the latter months of 2018. The book captures the opal essence of the phenomenal woman she is.

Even after openly admitting smoking pot in her college years, it’s quite hard to judge her. A young fearless black girl from the south-side Chicago. She speaks of the double and sometimes complicated consciousness of black folks.

When you think of the term greatness, it may take a lifetime for some to reach their full potential. Michelle reminds us to believe in our dreams and to allow life to choreograph our next steps to the sound of music.

I’ve been on a similar trek and career journey, struggling daily to hold my head high. Michelle makes her story relatable in that sense. She’s genuine and true. Her words bring out the inner homegirl in us.

From learning to play piano to understanding boys, you sense a subtle geekiness about her. Even Michelle’s family echoes the common people found at black family reunions. Which makes her all the more easy to love.

From becoming Obama’s wife and mother to Sasha and Malia, Michelle becomes a friend in her new book. She welcomes readers into her world. No longer a mystery, no longer covered in the hype of the frenzied media and television.

Michelle inspires us to share our unique stories with the world. No matter the level of difficulty, Michelle lets readers know that if an average black girl can make it to the White House we all can have hope for better days ahead.

I enjoyed reading this book. As a descendant of slaves, I learned that in order to become great you must overlook but remember your losses and always “count your wins” —Michelle Obama.

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