SXSW and 2019

Many have heard of SXSW, which uniquely stands for South X (x stands for by) South West an annual gathering and get together of film, interactive media, music festivals, and conferences that take place in mid-March in Austin, Texas. I don’t know and it may sound crazy, but I would be willing to attend if we could bring it to Atlanta.

Here’s a recap of the top 2019 Trends:

  • Blockchain is Building Web 3.0
  • Conquering an Era of Digital Distrust
  • Doc and Genre Films Are Booming at the Box Office
  • Evolution of Transportation and Delivery
  • The Evolving Cannabis Consumer
  • Job Design and the Future of Work
  • Music and Blockchain Hopes Over Hype
  • Rapid Rise of Subscription Services
  • The Value of Human Touch in Music Curation
  • XR Is Now

The ones that I will be following instinctively for future trends will gather around blockchain, Web 3.0, Ai, and the future workforce.

The ones that I’m quite satisfied with not making the list are:

  • Driverless cars
  • Drone Pilots; and
  • How the sharing economy hasn’t necessarily improved our lives

What I would have like to have seen in the top 2019 trends are:

  • Improvements in disparate healthcare and insurance pubic policy
  • How to avoid rigged elections and doing away with the electorate college
  • Education reform that’s not punishing educators and hindering our students

Excited about SXSW? Tune in today to listen to artist such as Björn, Ulvaeus of ABBA, T Bone Burnett, The Beth’s, and more at today!

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