What’s the score…#?!

Electrons in space, racing through light making minor impressions on the day. – Hannah N’ Atlanta

Everybody want to keep track these days, little attention is given to the overall purpose of life. Old wisdom says count carefully… but what truly matters?

When I look back over my life, a lot of s#?! has happened. I can’t be proud of all of it, but the good outweighs the bad. I’m still here, still living my best life, and the present is the only thing that I value when it comes down to what matters.

We have been mentally psyched into believing that repeat success and fame is what matters. You have to have a gazillion likes, friends, and followers to be considered hot these days. If you don’t then someone, somewhere, is writing you off as a member of the irrelevant bunch not fit to sit with the status quo.

I remember the time when my parents broke down the term, “Keeping up with the Jones’s”, today it’s the Kardashian’s, no one can quite predict who or what will be next. It’s all driven by the numbers.

My advice, do not measure yourselves by the scale used to weigh the world. Life according to the latter will render itself by the same judgment as well.

Be proud of who you are regardless of who’s counting. We all want more for ourselves but more isn’t everything and it’s not always easy to come by.

I have been listening to some tunes lately like TLCsWaterfalls …the songs hook reminds me that sometimes we set our sights on things we aren’t ready for or can’t handle. Another song is 21 Savages’ A lot featuring J Cole, despite a lot of things that happen to me, I still got love.

Everything that is meant to happen for us will come in due time. Today take heed, count your blessings as double.

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