On the run with Queen & Slim

A modern day romance film noir, the characters in Queen & Slim defy the usual stereotypes of black American lovers. The movie begins with the two characters delivering a dynamic date night dialogue in a diner located in Cleveland.

After leaving the diner the discussion continues as the two reflect the outcomes of their current situation. A routine traffic stop propels the couple into a desperate journey to freedom and safety. Like Bonnie & Clyde, they are are on the run. The film, stars Jodie Turner-Smith and Daniel Kaluuya, along with Bokeem Woodbine as uncle Earl, Indya Moore, and Jahi Di’allo Winston.

Jodie Turner-Smith plays the high-achieving attorney. She’s not your awkward, insecure, black femme; She’s the exact opposite. Daniel Kaluuya is the god fearing straight talking Ohioan. Who has respects family tradition particularly when it comes to taking photos which attempts to do with Jodie on their date.

Everything the characters oppose is justified later with supporting story-lines as we get deeper. The exchange between the two is very Shakespearean, leaving the audiences with a sense of poetic justice and ’60s ’70s black art motifs.

Memorable scenes include, the protest in which a mechanics son consumed with racial inequality shoots and kills a black officer and ends up being killed by officers. Another scene takes us to New Orleans where other injustices have taken place on US soil during Hurricane Katrina.

They continue to make there way south to Savannah and along the Florida coast on to a private airport where their lives take a fatal turn.

In the end, Queen & Slim are betrayed. As they are escorted to a small jetliner abruptly, still faithfully blunted, they are stopped in their tracks. This scene captures the essence of black love.


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