The Speed Of Light

There are 24 hours in a day; in 12 hours you will be a sleep again. The speed of light is the time spent in a day. It controls us from various aspects of life… when we awaken, what we eat, and how we entertain and interact with others.

By the time I realized how short a day really was, I wanted to extend it by 48-72 hours. This was me in my 30s. I wanted to do so much to get things done and live a life in abundance. In my 20s time was in front of me which I often took for granted. I needed to make decisions about tomorrow.

If I could get back time, I wouldn’t waste it worrying about what I didn’t have. Looking back, I would have started my spiritual journey sooner. I would have wrote that book and had so many children.

Life is happening at the speed of light. I believe that human beings are the only ones who forget this. Media Television makes us stupidly forget this and we are too busy watching reality TV.

Can you imagine a world unconnected. Perhaps this will become the fantasy of the new millennium. Instead of embracing how technology shortens time, perhaps we need to consider how it may lengthen the time we have to build and create better bonds and relationships.

For months I have experienced feelings of anomie in a world which hinges it self on the benefits of socializing. In order to slow down time and travel this journey at a slower paces we all have to unplug. We have to interact with the world the way the maker intended. Taking a bite out of the apple and slowly chewing it.

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