Spiritual Awakening and Enlightenment: The study of yoga

I had a strange dream last night. When I awake in the dream I am laying next to Sandra Bland. If this does not shock you, Sandra Bland is one of the most influential people of the current decade.

In the dream Sandra is missing her reproductive organs. At this point, she jumps up off of what appears to be a bed like table and proceeds to walk around hollering in protest. She’s alive and wants justice; I pretend to be asleep to avoid stealing her attention away.

She leaves and I hear voices in the adjacent room. This piques my interest and curiosity, I wonder, Who is she talking to? What’s the conversation about?

I get out of the hospital bed to go find out what is happening. I discover that I’m actually inside an apartment. The gallant home of the doctor and her partner. They are having breakfast with four small children.

Sandra is still pacing and shouting. I turn to the doctor to ask what’s wrong with Sandra. She replies nothing, the doctor explains that Sandra is trapped between two worlds. She’s not ready to leave the physical realm.

Sandra is suffering from a condition linked to rigor mortis which causes spasms of the phalanges. She states, “Sandra is a Gasper … She still hasn’t taken her last breath,” the doctor goes on to explain. The doctor adds, “This is quite common with deaths associated with asphyxiation.” I stand there frozen in time by what I’m hearing.

The doctor and her partner continue there chores as if I am no longer there. They calmly prepare to put the children to bed, while Sandra disappears back into the room.

I wake up panting and sweating. I lay in bed thinking what does the dream mean. Is Sandra still alive? Is she out for justice?

A few days ago I started practicing yoga. Today in my search for clarity and I stumble upon the teachings of Sadhguru.

In his videos he explains the resurrection of a bird called before it’s time. He states that this is possible with humans as well. He explains how death happens slowly; you’re still alive even after official pronouncing.

In another video, he discusses knowledge and knowing. He mentions the importance of clarity instead of being blinded by confidence in books. He talks about yoga and what it means to be in union with one’s self.

I would go so far to say that Sandra was in this exact physical and spiritual place. She knew what she wanted to do and why it was necessary to be done.

The incident with the Houston police which led to the eventual outcome of her death was unforeseen and seems like destiny. Sandra is remembered for being a fighter and human activist.

I’m going through a spiritual phase of enlightenment. I don’t know the outcome of every decision I make. In the meantime I will spend some time cultivating the union of my mind, body, and spirit. Answers are coming.

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