Hope…is dope

A Leader is a dealer in hope – Napoleon Bonaparte

No one will ever spend a restless night in jail for giving away hope. Hope should be shared with anyone who needs or deserves it.

Hope is something that can lead to a prosperous future. With hope all things are possible and work in favor of those who own or possess it.

Leaders are naturals when it comes to dealing hope. The outcome may vary, but hope can be an intangible source of light on a disappointing day.

If you aren’t willing to stake everything you have on hope, you are no better than a piece of gum stuck to the sidewalk. Or as Langston Hugh’s to it, “A Dream Deferred.”

To hope is to think of something magical and awe inspiring. It’s to imagine yourself in a better place in life. Knowing that despite what others say and think of you, things will turn out okay.

Even in the face of humility or fear someone with atomic hope will breakthrough every obstacles put their way. Steve Jobs did this when he envisioned the worlds first IPad. Mahatma Ghandi did so when it came to the liberating India. Martin and Malcom did it when they lead our county through the Civil Rights Movement.

A good leader surrounds themself with people who share this idea and belief. They challenge the status-quo when their hope is trampled on.

They are the ones unafraid to speak their mind even when others are in disbelief. They provide hope and inspiration to those that follow and those that don’t. The best part about it, hope doesn’t cost a dime. Author, Og Mandino called it “rag-picking”.

To get a person to do something they believe is great, give them hope. Hope elevates the mind, and helps us realize who we are and what we can become. When we increase the hope of others we are also harness.

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