What to eat? #1

One of the reasons I don’t eat at home is because I never know what to cook, it’s too expensive, and I’m not the meal planning type. Keeping fresh groceries in the house when I’m traveling is an issue too.

Outback Steakhouse Center-Cut Sirloin with Seasonal Veggies

Today, I bring to you a center-cut sirloin, broiled broccoli with cheese , and fresh seasonal vegetables. This combination makes for a delicious meal option which is healthy and easy to make.

You want to sear and broil the steak for 20-15 mins. Seasoning steak with salt, pepper, and garlic. Then steam the broccoli in butter and top with cheese and broil. Sautés seasonal vegetables in butter. From my prior experience as a Chef blanch carrots for a few minutes prior to sautéing.

Total estimated calories: 800-900

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