Last week, I experienced my second reverse stock split as a shareholder. It was nice to see the jump in the reverse stock price. It would have been nicer to see a jump in the price of the original shares owned before the reverse. In many ways I felt cheated.

For every 10 stock I received a quantity of 1 share. That’s a 1:10 ratio. Sounds familiar doesn’t, it’s like adding a zero after a decimal.

I liken this to what is happening in the economy. Meaning if you have $10 dollars in your bank it only counts as $1 really. But what if this has happened 5 or 6 times? That dollar would be worth even less. This is why so many believe in the new concept of bitcoin.

Americans are being driven to spend this holiday season by the good old spirit of St. Nick. While they are vaguely aware of the trade and economic deficit that exist.

In an online article published by Hill titled, Trillion-dollar deficits as far as the eye can see, and hardly a voice of caution to be heard, it states that “The deficit has doubled to a trillion dollars as far as the eye can see.” Noting as well that, “…deficits, as a political issue, are dead.”

Most of the articles I have looked into seem to highlight that there is no need for concern. But I would err on the side of caution. A study conducted by Bankrate, shows that nearly half Americans in the last twelve months are yet to see a pay increase. Stagnation in worker pay suggests the possibility of impending inflation and recession. Why? Because if the US dollar stays the same while everything else goes up in the economy this can’t lead to anything good.

This is merely the Tale of Two Santa’s. A good one and a bad one. The one that giveth and the one that taketh away. You may recall a few years ago in 2016 when the president announced a extra bump in Americans paychecks.

Those who saw pay increase this year ought to save it now because no one can predict what will happen later.

That being said, I hope many of you as my readers find ways to save this holiday season. Remember Christmas only comes once a year but the bills are here now and forever; Spend wisely.

This reminds me of the story below:

The Christmas SixPence

“A silver sixpence was placed into the pudding mix and every member of the household gave the mix a stir. Whoever found the sixpence in their own piece of the pudding on Christmas Day would see it as a sign that they would enjoy wealth and good luck in the year to come.” — taken from article, Christmas and Coins

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