“Holiday Blues…”

The Iconic Billie Holiday, Blues Singer

I have the holiday blues. It’s the equivalent of getting sacked with a snowball.

As Thanksgiving rolls into Christmas, I’m overwhelmed with feelings of frustration. Work and family pile on top of me. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m quite bothered.

It seems like everything I went thru in my past comes back to take another jab. I take stock, I look to see who I have hurt, and I check my karma .

I don’t want my mood to spread to those I love. Everyone is walking on eggshells and you see sadness filling the room when no one has a cure.

The only thing that soothes me is the sounds on my Pandora jukebox.


Jhené Aiko~Stay Ready, J. Cole~Love Yours, Summer Walker~Playing Games. Tink~Treat Me Like Somebody & I Like

(What’s on your playlist?)

I promised to stay off social media today and succeeded. I just listened to my music instead.

Memories of love lost visit me and try to consume me. Starting with my mom, grandma, two older brothers…. this is only the beginning of negative thoughts running through mind. I then move on to people that I have lost respect for and relationships gone bad.

I can’t cheer up, I have to wait and meditate. I believe it when folks contend that, “Your right place often comes after a season of discomfort.” I know nobody’s perfect. Tomorrow’s another day; joy comes in the morning.

If I weigh the positives, my boyfriend kept me from overspending. I spent time with my daughter at the gym. Funds were tight so I only brought my grandma a gift when we went to visit her at the assisted living home. It was my first imperfect holiday.

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