Uncut Gems…

“The best movie of the year awards goes to Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett…”

Uncut Gems is a serious comedy drama that looks deeply into the life of NYC gambler Howard “Howie” Ratner. Shot in 2012 while Kevin Garnett was still in the league.

Similar to the tales told about New York famed “Jacob The Jeweler” Mr. Ratner makes a living investing and selling custom high-end jewelry to stars and celebrities.

The movie is good in that it brings out the best in the actors characters. At times you worry as to whether or not our lead is having a mid-life crisis, feeling sorry for his poor choices.

On one hand you hate him and the other you love Howie in a wonderful way for his optimism and sheer humor. Placing his bets you see his innocence and his love for the unknown.

This is the story of a guy that ruins his life thru his passion for gambling and greed. He has no filter, when he jealously kicks his side piece to the curb for entertaining a come-on from the Weekend.

The so-called friends, who of course aren’t really friends. So goes the day in the life of a real New Yorker; to understand and know where you stand and others perceive you.

A revelation comes when you began to realize that this is a story about a Jewish-American family. Not a perfect Jewish-American family, but a real family with real issues.

Howie regrets telling his mistress to get out. He later makes a stop by his apartment in the city to see if Julia really leaves. His eldest son becomes aware of his father’s secret.

Howard’s final bet comes near the end of the movie. He reconciles with Kevin, getting back the NBA ring, and selling the Opal. As his naysayers encroach on him, he passes the bag to his girlfriend with instructions to gamble his earnings at the Mohegan Sun casino. He wins the bet, winning over a million. Howard is shot and robbed at the end of the movie.

This movie received a 92% on rotten tomatoes and 4/4 rating by Ebert. In my opinion this was an excellent tale of what happens when we allow our vices to win out. The director’s leave viewers with a questionable notion about Howard’s family and his girlfriend Julia. Adam Sandler scores big with his movie Uncut Gems.

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