For the Culture: Poverty & Crime

Destiny Harrison 21 year old black business owner & entrepreneur

It’s been six years since the beginning of the BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement yet on December 21st of 2019 Destiny Harrison a black woman was brutally shot dead in a beauty salon. To add, one of which she was the owner of. This is the direct anti-thesis of the culture that we all should support.

Black culture’s immersive experience is shrouded in a history of American poverty, crime, and social mishaps. Destiny Harrison’s killers were accused of stealing $3000 of hair bundles in weeks prior. As I ponder over what lead to this? or Why? This raises a rhetorical brow for me, “For the culture”…did they do it for the culture?

It’s not only here that crime surrounds those in low-income neighborhoods it happens everywhere. In many ways to be black is a condition and mental pathology which brings on self-hatred going back to the early days of slavery in America.

In particular crimes affecting women of color are often overlooked and deemed of minor importance. The saddest part in this holiday massacre is that Destiny reported her killers to the police. Even as a young black female entrepreneur, her efforts to lead her community lacked support.

Poverty causes increased crime in certain communities, especially those occupied by the descendants of slaves. Many deal with the cycle of PTSD passed down by our descendants. Desperation and fear of survival, combined behaviors sought to self-medicate lead to more instability.

The issue that we face today, is not only White America’s problem. The issues effecting black communities is everyone’s problem. This is an opportunity for BLM movement to take a stand, we need to protest against black on black crime and stop doing so much for the culture. The black community has to come together to counteract the issues we face.

Staying woke is equally as important as not overlooking or giving attention to issues that challenge community. Black culture has to embrace a different set beliefs and values. Let’s start a movement of brotherly and sisterly love and support for one another.

RIP Destiny Harrison