New York City is one of the best places to visit in the US. It’s considered a second home to many. Here’s a recap of my visit to the city known as the Big Apple.

We arrive at La Guardia, one of two major airports in NYC. In terms of construction not much haS changed; it’s still a work in progress. Exiting the airport and baggage claim is similar to other cities you visit. I meet with friends traveling on different airlines. This part is a bit contentious because of the shuttle ride in between.

We meet, purchase a metro card, and take the Q70 bus before transferring to the M and L train lines to get to midtown Manhattan. We exit the train at 34 St, walk a few blocks over between 5 and 6 to our hotel.

One thing to note about NYC’s transit, the are in the process of going to a tap and go system. The only problem with this is that once you tap, how will you transfer to bus or other transit systems.

Hotel rooms NYC are small. We decide to swap rooms and stay at the a different hotel with more space and slightly better amenities. This includes coffee/tea/pastry-breakfast, a rooftop bar, and complimentary walking tours each day. The room is comfy and just right. Staying in midtown is one of my better travel decisions thus far. The location we chose allows easy access to New York’s five boroughs and sight seeing.

After we get settled into our room, we walk to 42nd street passing Bryant Park. At 42nd street we’re bombarded with lights from the advertising. We look around and snap photos of our favorite ads; we’re on broadway.

A few hours later, we meet with friends for dinner at one of the cities most famed and notable restaurants Dallas BBQs. It’s known for the huge meal portions, rotisserie chicken, and cornbread. In addition they have Texas-sized margaritas that come with an extra shot of Hennessy, Cuervo, or 151 Rum.

We walk a bit more after dinner, the scene is busy and bustling. From Madame Tusades to the M & M store NYC has something for kids all ages and sizes.

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