Relationships: Are they meant for Test-Drive or Not?

Would you or should you test drive a relationship? Many today would argue yes. Romantic relationships are not always easy to get right. Here are the Pro’s and Cons:

The Pros

  • Instant gratification of emotional and physical needs and wants.
  • Get to know who the person is before settling down.
  • Move on if things don’t go well.

The Cons

  • False sense of security and shared connection
  • May lead to unanticipated outcomes
  • Presumptive in nature

There are typically four stages to all relationships:

  1. Meeting
  2. Infatuation
  3. Enlightenment
  4. Commitment

So I will go ahead and ask now, where are you?

Most people separate somewhere between the first three. Throughout the phases there are different exchanges: words, money, cohabitation, sex, and maybe more.

With every exchange there’s a possibility for things to go right and to go wrong; I will defer to Moore’s Law. Most people will never make it into the final move of commitment. Why? We fear the unknown. Fear stops more dreams and achievements in its tracks then anything else.

When it’s all said, done, and over, questions go unanswered, warning signs are missed, and life goes on. Is it just me? It seems like folks can’t wait to see how many relationships they can ruin or run into the ground.

Oh well, on to the next.

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