Prioritize Fitness & Health

Face your fears and get moving on the goals that you have set for your life. Find time to take atleast 3 fitness breaks throughout the day. This is the best investment you can make yearly. Here are some good ways to make fitness the highlight of your day.

Take small naps once or twice a day, trust me on this, it will all get done. Napping gives you the opportunity to reset and refocus your mind.

Take a walking tour of your own neighborhood, this is a great way to explore your immediate environment and learn at the same time. If it’s cool to do this sort of thing while on vacation why not staycation it. Go get lost in your city or town. Search for walking tours nearby.

Strike a pose and practice yoga while watching your favorite television show. I hate going to yoga class but if I have had opportunity to practice poses prior it goes better. Practice at home, learn a new pose per week. While practicing your pose take deep breaths.

Eat meals that focus on healthy nutrition, eliminate carbs, fat, or sugar. Swap with more healthier meal options. For example, leave out the bread or potatoes at breakfast. Instead of french fries try a salad with no croutons or cheese. Drink water instead of soda or juice.

These are some intuitive healthy living ideas I’ve tested over the past four months. Doing and keeping up with these tips are effortless and require minimal attention and memory. The more you practice these behaviors they then become second nature.

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