2020 Money Makeover

January has 31 days of money making opportunity. Here are a few tangible goals to tackle this month.

Day 1 Start an emergency fund of $1000 dollars.

Day 2 Start your taxes, you don’t have to finish them work with an accountant to ensure your getting the most money back and strategize for next year.

Day 3 Put your credit cards on ice.

Day 4 Find a side hustle that pays; If you have one find an additional second or third.

Day 5 Create a budget each month, start with January

Day 6 Pull your credit report and see who you owe

Day 7 Categorize your debts and start a Debt-snowball

Day 8 Pay the smallest debt in each category

Day 9 Read a book on financial literacy and planning; learn how to get out of debt

Day 10 Buy one share of stock in a company you love

Day 11 Reach-out to your insurance agent and make sure you and your family are fully covered

Day 12 Donate $25 to a charity of your choices

Day 13 buy a gift card of $25 to gift or keep for a splurge day

Day 14 Contribute to a mutual fund (minimums vary by fund)

Day 15 Sale a household item on the internet

Day 16 Clean-house, donate household items to a charity

Day 17 Set-up “keep the change” through your bank and use the money to learn a new skill or start a business fund

Day 18 Boost your credit score in the future, Experian allows adding your utility payment record which can immediately impact it positively

Day 19 Start tracking your credit score monthly.

Day 20 Cancel unused and unnecessary monthly subscriptions

Day 21 Assess your banking statement to find additional ways to save and understand where your money is going

Day 22 Consolidate credit cards for a lower interest rate

Day 23 Save automatically, contribute $5-$25/ to a splurge account and set a target amount

Day 24 Cut back on food and gas spending

Day 25 Sign up to receive for rebates on everything you constantly use

Day 26 DIY yourself, from hair, manicures, brow waxing, etc

Day 27 Get paid for exercising and staying in shape

Day 28 Lose bad habits that cost, Coffee houses, cigarettes, clubs, sneakers

Day 29 Freeze your spending on clothing and makeup items

Day 30 Start making and cooking meals at home

Day 31 Review and make changes to retirement accounts (Quarterly)

Guess what? This is only month one. Accomplishing one of these tasks per day can set you ahead for the year. Did I miss any??? Please leave comments

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