The Pink Panther of Pay Equity in The Workplace

The Pink Panther, a British-American film series derives its name from a pink diamond of enormous size and value. Taking a closer look, the diamond is flawed by the semblance of a” leaping pink panther” at its core. The flaw in the diamond can be used as a metaphor for what has occurred in the modern workplace concerning gender pay equity.

Coincidentally, the Pink Panther film originally surfaced around 1963. In the same year the Equal Pay Act is passed by Congress; an amendment to the Fair Labor Standards Act. In 1966, the National Organization for Women is subsequently formed in 1966.

Fast forward today, women across the globe are leaping themselves into careers previously held by men. Despite the fact that they are still not being compensated fairly.

Most of us understand what it’s like to have something precious stolen from us. Today, that is the right and access to equal pay and leadership opportunities.

According to an online film synopsis, Princess Dala original owner of the pink diamond which is stolen by the Phantom. Inspector Clouseau and his dream team of detectives come together to catch the international mastermind thief. Princess Dala goes to great lengths to get her precious diamond back.

In a 2010 Forbes Magazine article, The Immeasurable Value of Retaining Women in the Workplace, it states, “Women learn to do more with less, they are resourceful, and develop a unique […] awareness. These factors equip women to navigate through rocky waters, build the right alliances and relationships and seize strategic opportunities.” Women often have to find hidden opportunities to achieve their goals.

In addition, “Women […] have diverse skills and more work experience than their male counterparts, and greater tolerance for risk.” Women are constantly bringing their jewels to the workplace, having their ideas stolen or man-explained devalues them.

Does the proverbial jewel in “Pink Panther” have hidden symbolism and idiomatic expression in today’s workplace. The lack of gender pay equity harms society and continues to place women’s talents and skills beneath men’s.

Women are confound to an endless journey of regaining our jewels (value) as long as we are denied equal pay and access to opportunities. Women continuously fall short to no fault of their own. It’s time to do away with systemic deprivation. One of the ways we do this is by speaking up for ourselves during pay negotiation. Another is not accepting no as an answer.

If we have to enlist a league of detectives let’s do that as well. As women we are responsible for the change that only we can bring about. We must continue to support and lift each other up. Stand together as allies instead of opposing teammates . No more excuses ladies, let’s get it done.

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