Seize the day

Seize The Day –Learn to manage time wisely. Efficient use of time seems impossible to do but, when you’re old and gray you’ll be asking where did time go. Here are few things you can do to maximize the time in your day.

First make a list of the things you want to get done. Listing things out is one of many ways to add accountability. If it’s not on the list it doesn’t get done. Your list doesn’t have to be long it can consist of 1-2 or more items.

Next prioritize the list. Ask yourself what’s important to you in the present versus in the future. Naturally things you thought were important become less important when compared objectively to other items.

Thirdly, be specific be about what needs to happen and the time necessary for completion. If it can’t be done in a day spread the activity over several days by looking at the smaller components.

Enable technology to do more with your time in more efficient ways. It’s OK to take shortcuts, repetitive task can be managed by creating document or email templates. Set reminders and calendar re-occurrences. Mobile apps which are free to use can be great resources as well.

Managing time is the key and critical to success. Mastery of time management is the secret to finding balance day-to-day. Finding ways to do more with less time is the wisest investment you can make in yourself.

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