Work from anywhere

Once upon a time people worked in office buildings. Today we work remotely. I begin my remote journey back in 2014. Here are some thoughts and ideas for working from anywhere:

At Home

I created a designated workspace. In my workspace I have the basics, desk and a chair. I also have a daybed for taking a nap. I plan to add items that will allow me to video record or conduct calls using telepresence.

I’m using the largest room in my home, which is the master. The benefit is I use my vanity and walk-in closet as a professional wardrobe; everything is perspective.

The wardrobe is the dress-up area. It reminds me of the dressing room in my favorite designer fashion boutique.

My Vision Board for Ideal Wardrobe Space

Having a cozy spacious work environment gives me life. Decorate your space with inviting calm colors, art, and decadence. The most important thing is to make sure is functional or feng shui.


Me: Walking in like own the place

If I get bored with my surroundings, I switch to another location. Next on my list of places to work from is collaborative workspaces. When I need human connection I book a few days at Roam or WeWork and do my work from there, counting it as a business related expense. What I like about places these is that they have a professional vibe. They are great for networking and they feature conference rooms.

Libraries & Coffee Shops

Another place I enjoy working from is libraries and coffee shops. Although the libraries and coffee shops are free, paying for a cup of coffee is your ticket. I usually pick one of these places nearby a gym. That way I can get time in at a sauna. If you’re ever in NYC, visit the main NY Public Library. Trust me you’ll never want to leave.

Car Office

Working from my car is one of my other favorite places. I had to do this on a road trip once after the holidays to take my step-daughter back to her mom in Minnesota.

You’ll need a car PC charger which can be purchased at Walmart. You’ll also want to bring phone chargers, bag lunch, a pillow, and sneakers. After meetings drive to your favorite walking trail and go for a walk.

In the air

Working on a plane traveling to a destination of your choice is mandatory. You’ll need to purchase internet. Don’t forget your ear pods, seat cushion, and a warm blanket.

The point here is working from home doesn’t have to be boring or a death sentence. What are some interesting places you have worked from?

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