Common Cold, Flu, or COVID 19???

During and after my trip to DC last week it was apparent that I was sick with something. My initial sneezes received eyebrow raises from colleagues at work. Between Sunday and Tuesday, I was reaching for all the cold and flu medication I could get my hands on.

Once or twice, I considered going to the hospital to see if I had the flu. Thoughts about putting myself at increased risk and exposure to others possibly sick with COVID19 kept me home.

It’s Monday morning, still mildly congested , mucous is clear, I had a slight case of diarrhea last night but that’s usually a good sign that your body is flushing out. Skepticism kept me from visiting my grandma sick in the hospital.

I ate at two restaurants over the weekend, everyone was in the restroom washing there hands and sanitizing. At one restaurant I requested plastics ware eating utensils.

This week I will likely refresh essential items in my pantry as the world braces for the outcome of the COVID 19 outbreak.

Some advice, work from home if you’re able and avoid public places such as airports. Take precautions if you have the mildest symptoms of cold or flu. Another thing I noticed was that I was feeling moderately dehydrated. I drank more liquids than usual during my illness. As a matter of fact that’s all I wanted really. My stomach and body muscles ached the entire time. Fever and tears were regular symptoms.

One thing public officials haven’t said is clean your home before welcoming others to visit if you have been sick recently.

Something is definitely go around. My prayers are with everyone, stay safe, stay tuned.

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