Wearing Oprah Shoes

I stumbled upon this month’s O magazine. A very stunning and happy photo of Oprah and her three dogs enjoying tea time. I stand in the center of the nail salon thinking that ought to be me. Not with the three dogs but definitely enjoying and sipping my lemonade or tea.

When I think of icons and memorable folks of today, Oprah’s definitely at the top of my lists. I can vaguely think of others like her; on second thought there’s Michelle Obama. Oprah set out to become the worlds greatest media icon and titan. She pushed the limits and defied conceptual patterns that dictate what it means to be a lady. She rewrote social scripts that determine expectations of women by men.

And there I was having an “Oprah Moment”. You know, the moment in which you realize the truth about yourself. I then asked: Had I given up or become trapped into following someone else’s dream?

Undoubtedly, the lost of my grandmother has been real hard to accept. Losing someone close makes you consider what’s important in your life.

One of the reverse effects of this COVID19 pandemic is that it has freed the people from their lives behind the desk. More than ever before, people are working from home or remotely. When it’s all over many of us will need to rethink our dependency on a failing social/ corporate ecosystem.

Oprah reminds us about the importance of independence, pursuing dreams , and achieving goals you set for yourself. I challenge you this week to be bigger than you have ever been. Wear the shoes that don’t fit your feet and get comfortable existing outside your norm.

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