The Sound of Violence

The recent outcry for justice in America’s streets has resounded up to the heavens. Pouring out of tears don’t satisfy the people’s hunger for dignity they deserve in their government and law enforcement agencies.

Two opposing sides, “Us” and “Them” fighting for the same thing essentially “justice” and “liberty”. Thoughts running through my head asks for answers. The norm in the world has become one of a oppressive nature.

I think back to times in my life when I too felt oppressed, too many times to forget. Our oppression protects the very foundation and bedrock that this country called America is built on.

Preserving the status quo furthers our ability to thrive each and every day. We now live in a caste system and socialistic economy. They tell us to vote but does it really matter? Does it bring change? If you ask me I would say undoubtedly no.

Americans have become tone deaf to the sound of violence. We watch it on the news and justify it in our neighborhoods. We have grew complacent to the morals and values that have helped us to defy human extinction.

Social media confirms and outlines the hate happening around the county. But who cares about hate when the end result is more important to draw our attention to, that being death.

We need to find away to reconcile our differences without bloodshed. Let’s turn off the TV and empty our lives of the attention seeker that simple want violence and death.


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