Generational Wealth

The last 3-4 months of my life have been interesting. I’m usually living paycheck to paycheck. The pandemic has upgraded many of those collecting benefits from programs such as unemployment. According to my dad, for many folks this is the first time they have been able to take a load off. Rest there buckets you know from the everyday grind.

This morning I got up feeling rich. I didn’t have breakfast. There was this notion that being and feeling rich doesn’t require much. There’s no pressing need, if you’re hungry you eat. If you need clothes, you buy them. I never felt like this before.

This overwhelming feeling of scarcity has been my greatest denial. An official Louis bag couldn’t erase the poor mentality I had been carrying around. All these years, I operated from a place of lack unknowingly.

As I become more aware of myself, I wonder about what else I’m missing in life. I never experienced generational wealth. I have never not worried about food, shelter, or clothing. This was my norm and reality.

Now that I’m here, I would hate to ever return to where I have been. I remember barely being able to afford the 99¢ menu at McDonald’s. For years I never purchase new sneakers or shoes. I have sat and lived in apartments without furniture, batting an eye.

My hope is that someday the shame and shackles of poverty will be broken. That the fear of lack will be no more and praying for world abundance.

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