Money Mistakes

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Spending before saving is a big mistake if not the biggest mistake you make as a 9 to 5’er. This bad habit is the spoiler of all other habits. One of the 1st questions I have for folks that reach out to me for personal finance tips & advice is do you save?

Before you can invest in anything, there are some basic rules of money you must follow — You must Save 10% of every dollar you make. This is something a lot of women feel guilty about. Oh wait, the baby needs clothes, my husband has to eat, and on and on…. there will come a time when you’ll be wishing you saved that tenth. Saving the first ten percent is not only a rule but a law of building wealth.

One thought on “Money Mistakes

  1. Men also have the same guilt. Just because it is not coming from n emotional perspective and some men are more logical doesn’t mean that the guilt is different.


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