2020 Money Makeover

January has 31 days of money making opportunity. Here are a few tangible goals to tackle this month. Day 1 Start an emergency fund of $1000 dollars. Day 2 Start your taxes, you don’t have to finish them work with an accountant to ensure your getting the most money back and strategize for next year. […]

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Prioritize Fitness & Health

Face your fears and get moving on the goals that you have set for your life. Find time to take atleast 3 fitness breaks throughout the day. This is the best investment you can make yearly. Here are some good ways to make fitness the highlight of your day. Take small naps once or twice […]

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New York City is one of the best places to visit in the US. It’s considered a second home to many. Here’s a recap of my visit to the city known as the Big Apple. We arrive at La Guardia, one of two major airports in NYC. In terms of construction not much haS changed; […]

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Save, Save, Save…

This year start a savings account… Living paycheck to paycheck is a thing of the past. If you’re not doing this your wasting your time working. Here are the Top 3 Reasons you should be saving at least %10 of everything you earn: #1: Rainy Day or Emergency Fund, is essential since no one can […]

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Protecting Black Hair

Black hair is caught-up in American political controversy and public discourse. A search on protection of black hair returns a bunch of articles related to politics and law. Wash, dry, comb, oil, and braid is more of what comes to mind when I think about protecting my own hair. Today, black hair has to be […]

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