Money Mistakes

Spending before saving is a big mistake if not the biggest mistake you make as a 9 to 5’er. This bad habit is the spoiler of all other habits. One of the 1st questions I have for folks that reach out to me for personal finance tips & advice is do you save? Before you […]

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Daily Thoughts

The day when you no longer have to hide from the truth, is the same day when you will be made truly free. It really is quite simple you see, when you catch yourself telling a lie… Ask yourself, “Why am I lying? Why am I afraid to tell the truth?” This will lead you […]

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Here’s an update on my health: After being released I was having difficulty breathing. I came down with a severe allergic reaction to the medicine and procedure. I lost my voice and had a burning sensation in my nose and throat. I have stiches that need to heal, which means they must be kept clean. […]

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Aunt Eunice

A few more days remaining before I utter the words I do. I am learning to cherish the time spent during my engagement. Life is so tricky, where will any of us be a year from now? Dead or alive? No one knows what the future holds. We lost Aunt Eunice this week. Nana was […]

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Generational Wealth

The last 3-4 months of my life have been interesting. I’m usually living paycheck to paycheck. The pandemic has upgraded many of those collecting benefits from programs such as unemployment. According to my dad, for many folks this is the first time they have been able to take a load off. Rest there buckets you […]

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The Buy Nothing Project

Buy Nothing Project groups divert materials from our landfills and oceans as hundreds of items are re-homed each day. Groups dedicated to giving away used items are in place around the world — find your local group today! The Buy Nothing Project

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The Sound of Violence

The recent outcry for justice in America’s streets has resounded up to the heavens. Pouring out of tears don’t satisfy the people’s hunger for dignity they deserve in their government and law enforcement agencies. Two opposing sides, “Us” and “Them” fighting for the same thing essentially “justice” and “liberty”. Thoughts running through my head asks […]

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Wearing Oprah Shoes

I stumbled upon this month’s O magazine. A very stunning and happy photo of Oprah and her three dogs enjoying tea time. I stand in the center of the nail salon thinking that ought to be me. Not with the three dogs but definitely enjoying and sipping my lemonade or tea. When I think of […]

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