New York City is one of the best places to visit in the US. It’s considered a second home to many. Here’s a recap of my visit to the city known as the Big Apple. We arrive at La Guardia, one of two major airports in NYC. In terms of construction not much haS changed; […]

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#BLWOTRVL: Chicago

Chicago is such a wonderful place to visit. Unfortunately it has one of the worst reputations for crime. I have been going back and forth to the Chicago for two years since I started my new role as a technology consultant. The hotels on the waterway are amazing. This is where you want to stay […]

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#BLWOTRVL: San Francisco

Last week I traveled to California for business trip. A four day training week; very stressful. Instead of staying in the hotel room I set out to discover and explore the fabulous city of San Francisco. My actual location for the week was Pleasanton California, approximately 40 km distance from San Francisco. Home to the […]

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#BLWOTRVL: Skincare

So if you know me you know that back in my early I worked at a day spa. What I love most about that experience is it taught me a great deal about self-care. I witnessed black women in Harlem making time to take care of themselves. After 9/11 many sought refuge in day spas […]

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#BLWOTRVL: How Much Is Too Much?

While on business in the Bay Area, I decide to put this minimalist lifestyle to the test. I didn’t actually bring fewer things however I brought a smaller bag. I randomly decide to stock-up on shoes, nighties, and T-shirts while taking an evening stroll through the mall for exercise I won’t bore you with the […]

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