Uncut Gems…

“The best movie of the year awards goes to Adam Sandler and Kevin Garnett…” Uncut Gems is a serious comedy drama that looks deeply into the life of NYC gambler Howard “Howie” Ratner. Shot in 2012 while Kevin Garnett was still in the league. Similar to the tales told about New York famed “Jacob The […]

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“Holiday Blues…”

I have the holiday blues. It’s the equivalent of getting sacked with a snowball. As Thanksgiving rolls into Christmas, I’m overwhelmed with feelings of frustration. Work and family pile on top of me. I can’t put my finger on it, but I’m quite bothered. It seems like everything I went thru in my past comes […]

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Last week, I experienced my second reverse stock split as a shareholder. It was nice to see the jump in the reverse stock price. It would have been nicer to see a jump in the price of the original shares owned before the reverse. In many ways I felt cheated. For every 10 stock I […]

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What to eat? #1

One of the reasons I don’t eat at home is because I never know what to cook, it’s too expensive, and I’m not the meal planning type. Keeping fresh groceries in the house when I’m traveling is an issue too. Today, I bring to you a center-cut sirloin, broiled broccoli with cheese , and fresh […]

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Hope…is dope

A Leader is a dealer in hope – Napoleon Bonaparte No one will ever spend a restless night in jail for giving away hope. Hope should be shared with anyone who needs or deserves it. Hope is something that can lead to a prosperous future. With hope all things are possible and work in favor […]

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The Speed Of Light

There are 24 hours in a day; in 12 hours you will be a sleep again. The speed of light is the time spent in a day. It controls us from various aspects of life… when we awaken, what we eat, and how we entertain and interact with others. By the time I realized how […]

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On the run with Queen & Slim

A modern day romance film noir, the characters in Queen & Slim defy the usual stereotypes of black American lovers. The movie begins with the two characters delivering a dynamic date night dialogue in a diner located in Cleveland. After leaving the diner the discussion continues as the two reflect the outcomes of their current […]

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